What is the Standard Share and How Much Food Comes in it?

In the winter, our Standard share comes in one size. In the Summer, there are two size options available - small and large. Standard simply means that we choose what will go into your bag each week. You will get the same delicious veggies that other types of CSA members enjoy, except you don’t have to decide what you will get. You just sit back and relax and let us make all the decisions! We provide recipes and your weekly list of produce that we plan to harvest for you.

For either the Summer or Winter CSA, this share lasts for 20 weeks. Each delivery you’ll receive more than you pay for. For the Summer CSA, our small size is designed for 1-2 people and provides at least $22 worth of produce each week. You pay $400 for the entire season, with a savings of at least $40. Our Summer large size is meant for 3-5 people and provides around $35 of food each week. The cost for 20 weeks is $650, giving you a built-in discount of at least $50. The winter Standard Share is one size - Medium - which is $500.

Summer 2016 CSA starts in May!


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