How Our CSA Works

The info below is the same info that's on our FAQ page!

What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Members in the community buy in at the beginning of the season and receive their “share” of veggies. You can choose from several options to find the right type and size of share that works for you. The Summer Season begins mid-May and lasts through October. Then the Winter Season begins in November and concludes at the end of March. Choose from many sizes and if you choose, each delivery can be customized by shopping from our online store.

The Summer shares are weekly, whereas the Winter share deliveries fluctuate from weekly to every other week depending on holidays and weather. An online winter delivery schedule is provided.

How do I sign up for a share?

Signing up is easy. Just go to our website at, select Our CSA from the menu row, then click “Choose Your CSA Membership,” select the season that you wish to sign up for, and choose the option that works best for you.

Once you select the shares you wish to purchase, follow the prompts until your order is complete.

What will I get in my CSA share?

As a member you will receive about 40 to 50 different varieties of vegetables over the course of a season. Check out our Seasonal Product Availability form for a detailed listing of our crops and when they are available.

Is everything that's grown on
Everblossom Farm Certified Organic?

Yes! Everything grown on Everblossom Farm is Certified Organic. This means that our farming practices meet the guidelines set by the USDA to market our farm products as Certified Organic. Visit the USDA’s website for more information.

Is everything in my CSA share from Everblossom Farm?

All of the vegetables in your share are grown at Everblossom Farm! We buy apples for the Winter CSA from Oyler's Organic Farms.

When can I join the CSA?

You can join our CSA at any time. We will prorate your share from when you begin receiving your produce. Often, discounts  are given to members who sign up as an early bird before a season and to members who get a friend to sign up!

What is the Standard Share?

In the winter, our CSA share comes in one size. In the Summer, there are two size options available - small and large. Standard simply means that we choose what will go into your bag each week. You will get the same delicious veggies that other types of CSA members enjoy, except you don’t have to decide what you will get. You just sit back and relax and let us make all the decisions! We provide recipes and your weekly list of produce that we plan to harvest for you.

How much food is in the Standard Share?

This share lasts for 20 weeks in the summer and 18 deliveries in the winter. Each delivery you’ll receive more than you pay for. For the Summer CSA, our small size is designed for 1-2 people and provides at least $22 worth of produce each week. You pay $400 for the entire season, with a savings of at least $40. Our Summer large size is meant for 3-5 people and provides around $35 of food each week. The cost for 20 weeks is $650, giving you a built-in discount of at least $50. The winter share is one size - Medium - which is $500.

For seasonal examples of shares, please use this link or go to our website under “Our CSA” and select the CSA examples page.

What is the Build Your Own Box Share? (DISCONTINUED For Winter)

This type of share is entirely customized by you - we don't decide on any of your veggies. The "online market" will be open for business the same time each week, and you'll simply log in, shop, and confirm. Then we pack it and deliver. You can add to your store credit at any time - get in touch with us for this. If you go over your store credit limit, we will simply invoice you, but there will be an administrative fee associated with this of $20.00.

The amounts that go into your share each week are dependent only on what you order. Entertaining a crowd?! Good for you! Load up that week. Next time order light. It's your prerogative.

The Build Your Own Box (BYOB) Share allows 4 different size options for investing in credit lines - Small, Medium, Large, and XL. The best way to figure out what size is right for you is to think about the amount of weekly money you’d spend on farm fresh goods at a farmers' market or to assess what amount you spend at the grocer and to what degree you’ll be replacing that shopping with your Everblossom Farm produce. You also don’t have to order each week. This share lasts for 20 weeks, and we will carry your credit over to the following season if need be.

How do I add eggs or coffee to my share?

You can add Coffee and Egg Shares to your membership at any time in the summer by going to our website, menu item “Our CSA,” then to “Choose Your CSA Membership,” and selecting the Coffee Share and/or Egg Share. Then follow the prompts to complete your purchase. You may do this when you sign up for a veggie share or anytime during the summer season. Your coffee and eggs will be delivered to your pick up location in your box!

Where can I pick up my box/bag?

We have pick up locations in Carlisle, Camp Hill, Gettysburg, York, Reisterstown, DC, Harrisburg, and at the farm in East Berlin. We are always looking for new pick up locations, and hosts of pick up sites receive discounts on our CSA. Click here for our current pick up locations.

How long is the Winter season?

Winter season runs from October through March

How long is the summer season?

Summer season begins the third week of May until the end of October.

Is the CSA year round?

Yes! You can sign up for both seasons and receive fresh veggies all year long.

Are there payment plans available to start up?

Yes! There is an online minimum payment of $300. Other arrangements for payment plans are available by contacting the farmer, Elaine, directly by phone or email. Phone: 717-253-7797 Email:

What if I go out of town and miss a pick up day?

Have a friend or neighbor pick up for you! Or we can hold a share for 24 hours if you let us know. Alternatively, you can opt to have your box donated to the Adams County Gleaning Network.

What if I forget to pick up my share?

If your pick up is at the farm, there's a good chance we'll get in touch to remind you. We will at least hold onto it for 24 hours hoping to hear from you. If you pick up at a satellite location, care/donation/disposal of your CSA share is the prerogative of the site host. For example, if pick up is at a residence, your share will not be refrigerated unless you communicate with that site host and they are okay with helping you out until you can pick up. You'll always receive a reminder email the day before a pick up, so we're counting on you to give us a heads up if you can't get there! We will always do our best to make sure you get your produce.

Can I visit the farm?

Yes, please! You may visit the farm unannounced at any time, as long as you don’t require a visit with the farmer. We ask for several weeks advance notice for formal farm tours so we can get it on our calendar. If you have a group interested in visiting the farm, let us know and we will be delighted to show you all the nooks and crannies of our farm. For an extra charge, we would also provide drinks and nibbles. We also have farm parties throughout the year for our CSA members!

Summer 2016 CSA starts in May!


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