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Happy [Green] Thanksgiving!

Posted 11/18/2015 11:18am by Elaine L. Lemmon.

The holiday season is finally here!  I don’t know about you, but as soon as Halloween is over (or even before), I start getting excited for Thanksgiving.  It’s an awesome day spent with food, food, and family.  I mean, family and food.  I mean, family and friends!  And food.  The food is important.

So how can we make one of the best days of the year even better?  By going green, of course!  Everblossom has compiled a quick list of easy tips for a green Thanksgiving, that’s also easy for you and your loved ones.  

  1. Eat organic — and sustainable!  Shake up your traditional Thanksgiving meal by making it organic.
  2. Look for locally sourced ingredients — find your local farmer (perhaps Elaine Lemmon?) and get to know them.  They can be a huge help with finding ingredients and planning great main and side dishes for the big meal.
  3. Look for seasonal foods — again, ask your farmer for advice, or just use whatever’s in your latest CSA box!
  4. Get an organic, free-range turkey — or even more radical, go vegetarian.  But only if your in-laws won’t mutiny!
  5. Use “real” dishes — if that sounds like too much dish-washing for your holiday tastes, try to use recyclable or compostable disposable dishes!
  6. Work ahead, cook ahead — this will make it easier for yourself on Thanksgiving day, and lets you plan the meal in greater detail.  Lots of delicious dishes can be prepped for or frozen before the holiday.  
  7. Compost your food waste — it’s easy and green!  You could even use the compost to start a garden when warmer weather rolls around.
  8. Get psyched about leftovers — you can revamp your dishes with lots of different creative additions from your CSA share!

From everybody here at Everblossom Farm, we hope you have a healthy, delicious, green Thanksgiving!  

Summer 2016 CSA starts in May!


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