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We grow food year round, producing the freshest and tastiest Certified Organic vegetables and berries. The food we sell is grown exclusively on our own farm - no reselling and no buying at auctions and calling it our own. We raise all our vegetable plants from seed right here on the farm without using synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. Cultivating our vegetables requires a very limited use of fossil fuels each year because we farm mostly with our backs in the sun and hands in the soil. Furthermore, we limit our reliance on external sources by making our own compost, refusing to use black plastic sheeting over the soil, and growing all winter in a passive solar greenhouse that needs NO back up heat source.

greenhouseThe bottom line is, we want to feel great about what we do and the quality of what we grow. That feeling is only possible for me if I follow my heart, which tells me that I am a steward of this land - not a dominant force. And I care for my farm based on the understanding that it is what sustains my community and family, not just a resource to be tapped. 

When a farmer strives for ultimate control over her farm, she will be disappointed. We aim to work within the natural systems of our land and micro ecology to grow our awesome tasting produce. This way, we're supporting our ecosystem and facing fewer production hardships since we aren't fighting with nature's cycles.

What does this mean in terms of production? Using regular soil tests and constant observation, we keep soil nutrients, micro organisms, and aggregates in balance with compost, cover crops, naturally derived minerals and amendments, and don't add them if they aren't missing. Our goal is not to have the hugest of vegetables, but instead the MOST DELICIOUS! Huge can mean flavorless, and big tasteless vegetables, frankly, are a waste of space. We interpret system issues and problems based on what symptoms arise. For example, certain weeds can indicate deficiencies or excesses of nutrients and minerals in the soil. Vegetable crops could exhibit stress, telling us a piece to the soil puzzle is missing. Pest and disease pressure often means a farmer has not focused enough on crop rotation and soil health. The idea is very simple, but the practice requires diligence and a love of seeing the inseparable union of science and nature.

We love food at Everblossom Farm, and whether you're a farm laborer here or an eater of our goods, you'll come to realize that farming is more than just throwing seeds to the ground and reaping a harvest. For us, it's a connection to survival and happiness. And despite some overly challenging days and occasional disappointments, we're rewarded by this place and its provisions every single day.

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CSA Member Guest Blogger: Sunday Visit To The Farm!

Posted by Elaine L. Lemmon :: Sunday, July 24 :: 10:03am

Happy Sunday, Everyone! This is Everblossom Share Member Deanna taking over the blog today. Summer is in full swing here on the farm. It’s blue skies all around, and this abundant sunshine is doing wonders for the crops - we’re all in for a treat! While we may not love the heat too much, the tomatoes surely do. Who’s ready for cool cucumbers and golden colored sweet carrots? Yeah, you are. 


The Everblossom crew works incredibly hard to bring these amazing ingredients to your table. This hot, dry weather creates some challenges for farmers, namely when the rain doesn’t seem to cry from the sky and drought sets in. The team here is resilient, working around the clock to irrigate during the evenings and nights once the blazing sun disappears. As a result of their determination, rows and rows of vegetable candy as far as the eye can see. I’ve been enjoying all these goodies this summer and I’d like to pause for just a moment and express my personal gratitude and give a round of applause to this impressive farm. 


There’s something special about the pace of summer. The heat forces us to slow down and I’d like to think that our senses become heightened during this season. The aroma of basil, the campfire smoke that lingers in the air and sticks to our cotton t-shirts, the feel of delicate raspberries in the palm of our hands, the burnt orange and crimson of summer tomatoes, and the entirety of this seasonal taste lingering on our palates. Folks, I hope you’re soaking it all up!




If for some reason you grow tired of eating these ruby jeweled candies straight from the container, scones are a great addition to those weekend brunches with friends and family.



Who needs flowers when you have bouquets of thick, brilliantly green basil leaves?




Add a little sunset color to your salads with these beautiful tomatoes!


Also, just a reminder to stay hydrated out there during this summer heat. 


Melons are can do this!



Summer 2016 CSA starts in May!


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